Its creator, John McCarthy, was a central person in the AI area. The structure of Lisp is simple and consistent, which allows writing readable and well-ordered code. It helps you build prototypes, create dynamic objects, and expand the possibilities of character processing. In domains like finance, biology, sociology or medicine it is considered one of the main standard languages. It offers several paradigms of programming like vectorial computation, functional programming and object-oriented programming.

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It is easy to implement on various platforms, which is why it is so loved. The Java community is rich and active, allowing developers to learn from each other and think up new AI solutions faster. The famous FaceApp and Google Assistant are both built with Java. Some libraries that can be used when developing an AI program with Java are Deep Java Library, KubeFlow, OpenNLP, Java Machine Learning Library, and Neuroph. Java is also a good choice, but it’s more challenging to learn. Other popular AI programming languages include Julia, Haskell, Lisp, R, JavaScript, C++, Prolog, and Scala.

Best Programming Language for AI Development in 2023

Other features include lambda expressions, type classes, pattern matching, type polymorphism, and list comprehension. All these features make Haskell ideal for research, teaching and industrial applications. Thanks to its flexibility and error handling capacity, Haskell is one of the safest AI programming language. TensorFlow is Python’s most popular framework for AI development. It’s an open-source machine learning library where you can train deep neural networks. The most notable drawback of Python is its speed — Python is an interpreted language.

  • While Julia does not come with a large community or support, it offers many high-end features for top-notch AI development.
  • For the projects that require a database, natural language processing, and symbolic reasoning, Prolog is the best bet!
  • Prolog is a good fit for projects that require symbolic reasoning, natural language processing, and databases.
  • Java is also a good choice, but it’s more challenging to learn.
  • Today, 51% of ecommerce companies use AI to provide their customers a high quality user experience.
  • While there are plenty of languages that are ideal for AI, perhaps the best choice for newbies is Python because it is so easy to learn and implement.

Java also has a large and active community, and many resources are available to help developers learn and use the language. Designed by Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls and Adele Goldberg in 1972, Smalltalk has influenced so many programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Java and Objective-C. According to the number of Google searches conducted for tutorials, Haskell was the 28th most popular programming language in 2021.

What Are the Best Programming Languages for AI Development?

C++ is a general-purpose programming language with a bias towards systems programming, and was designed with portability, efficiency and flexibility of use in mind. Python is preferred for AI programming because it is easy to learn and has a large community of developers. Quite a few AI platforms have been developed in Python—and it’s easier for non-programmers and scientists to understand. AIML is an XML dialect meant to build artificial intelligence applications.

By 1962, Lisp had progressed to the point where it could address artificial intelligence challenges. Starting with Python is easy because codes are more legible, concise, and straightforward. Python also has a large supportive community, with many users, collaborators and fans.

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There are several languages that are used for machine learning, including Python, Java, and C++. Many programming languages are commonly used for AI, but there is a handful that are not suitable for it. Perl is one example of a programming language that is typically not used for AI because it is a scripting language. If you want to have control over runtime and performance, C++ is obviously a good choice here. The templates are safer to use, and they provide a better way for generalizing APIs.

In fact, a vast portion of machine learning and deep learning libraries are written in C/C++. It offers APIs for the same and wrapper for other programming languages. C++ lacks the simplicity of Python, but as the fastest programming language, it still has a lot to offer AI developers. Lua is a lightweight, high-performance programming language that is widely used for developing a wide range of applications, including AI and machine learning. Lua is an open-source, cross-platform language that is known for its small footprint, fast performance, and easy-to-use syntax. C++ is a very popular language among the developer community because it is one of the most flexible and current low-level languages available.


C# and C++ are object-oriented languages containing many tools for building artificial intelligence applications. C++ gets more attention in the AI business than C# as it is a low-level programming language that has been around for a long time. Its strengths come from the rapid processing speed that allows it to handle complex machine learning modules and run with high efficiency. You can build a neural network in C++ and translate user code into something machines can understand. Created in 1983, this language has won the title of “the fastest coding language,” so the speed for AI development is assured. Java is a robust, object-oriented programming language that offers a simple syntax and easy debugging.

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Python’s large standard library is one of the main strengths of Python. Python is backed by a very strong community and it has gained a vast number of admirers, users, and contributors. Python’s rich text processing tools, simple syntax, and scripting with modular architecture make it most suitable for natural language processing and AI apps.

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We have witnessed, used, and gotten used to this area of technology and it is getting better day by day. In Prolog AI programming, the programmer specifies a set of rules or ‘facts’, and the end goal. Prolog then finds the connection between the two and proceeds with pattern matching to produce desired results. Managing customer expectations is an important part of keeping customers satisfied.

  • For most programmers, Python is the best programming language for AI.
  • You have several programming languages for AI development to choose from, depending on how easy or technical you want your process to be.
  • It makes the calculations by utilizing the parallel programming feature by distributing the calculations to the cores.
  • C++ gets more attention in the AI business than C# as it is a low-level programming language that has been around for a long time.
  • Prolog, which derived its name from “Programming in Logic”, is a logic programming language mainly used in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.
  • The popularity of a programming language among developers is a good indicator of its dependability and ease of use.

ML.NET is an open-best languages for ai, cross-platform machine learning framework developed by Microsoft that allows developers to build, train, and deploy models using C#. TensorFlow.NET is a .NET binding to the TensorFlow library that allows developers to build and train models using C#. Its popularity is now stretching into machine learning applications, including random number generation. The most high-profile project written in JS is perhaps Google’s Tensorflow.js.

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For example, C++ could be used to code high-performance routines, and Java could be used for more production-grade software development. Here are the most popular languages used in AI development, along with their key features. As it turns out, there’s only a small number of programming languages for AI that are commonly used. C. C is a popular low-level language among system administrators and embedded system developers. However, it’s not well-suited for AI development because it doesn’t have many high-level features. Python produces extremely readable, short code, especially compared to languages like Java.

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Therefore the adaptability to this AI programming language is limited by the lack of tools important for implementation. The main reason behind the introduction of this language was to address gaps in the python programming language. But the most important question that whether Julia is better than python or vice versa is still debatable. Moreover, Java is user-friendly, easy to learn, flexible, and quite versatile, among other things.

  • R programming language was written by a statistician for other statisticians.
  • Haskell is a functional programming language based on the semantics of the Miranda programming language.
  • How good it is at that job can be understood by the fact that IBM Watson uses Prolog in parsing natural language in fielding human-generated questions.
  • AI can handle some tasks faster and more accurately than humans.
  • Developed in the 1960s, Lisp is the oldest programming language for AI development.
  • It is desirable to understand statistical concepts, including averages and deviations, and probability theory.

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