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Sexual and reproductive health care is essential for survivors of sexual assault, who require mental and physical health care, which can include initial therapy and prophylaxis against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections . A report from the US-based National Center for Lesbian Rights is one of the only known documents specifically addressing issues facing LBQ+ asylum seekers. Its report, The Challenges to Successful Lesbian Asylum Claims, primarily focuses on barriers to lesbians leaving their home countries, legal challenges, proof of membership in a persecuted group, given “lesbian invisibility,” family control, and fear of future persecution. Provide adequate funding to national health systems to ensure that people of all economic classes can access reproductive rights and that no one’s desire to start a family is prohibited by their lack of access to private health care. Laws and policies related to the parental rights of LBQ+ women—and their implementation—need to be explicitly developed to address rather than reify structural racism and classism in the given country context.

Mental Health Care

Preferring instead to think of the evening as a casual night out where one can truly be themselves. We do not use traditional ‘speed dating’ offerings such as bells, whistles and name-tags. Instead we focus on creating an atmosphere conducive to meeting others; a great venue, a personable host and a staff to assist. We find new people everyday from about 220 countries across the globe which allows us into the list of best free international chat apps, use any. “‘Women Suffer Discrimination in Rights of Housing Welfare,” Arab Times, Kuwait News, February 22, 2018, /news/women-suffer-discrimination-rights-housing-welfare/ . Enact policies and protocols supporting LBQ+ survivors of sexual violence.

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The women told Human Rights Watch that aggression and domestic violence against women trapped in these confirmed spaces had increased, and that victims were being pressured by fellow refugees not to report abuse by their husbands. Discriminatory laws and regulations controlling women’s freedom of movement globally impact LBQ+ women in ways that have yet to be adequately studied. After mentioning the uniquely intrusive nature of questions that trans people and masculine-presenting lesbians are subjected to at work, the subsequent sentence returns to discussing LGBT people en masse.

Labor Rights and Anti-LBQ+ Violence

Pass LGBT-inclusive parental recognition bills that explicitly recognize the legal parenthood of non-gestational LBQ+ parents and protect them from discriminatory demands that they adopt their own children. In Zimbabwe, single women may adopt if they are at least 21 years older than the adopted child. Despite this allowance, adoption is extremely uncommon in Zimbabwe, according to government, academic, and media reports. Unification protections for LBQ+ families fleeing conflict and seeking asylum. Sheila’s cousin, Brenda Akinyi, said her family was investigating the murder themselves because police failed to update them on developments in the investigation. When three cousins went to collect Sheila’s belongings from the room they were murdered in, the group found a bloody knife and razor blade, disproving the police’s claim that they had thoroughly searched the crime scene.

There is an immense opportunity for future investigations into the nine rights areas covered in this report, with the aim of improving LBQ+ rights and lives. Amani knows that as a lesbian, she is at risk of physical violence, sexual harassment, and arbitrary arrest by police in Tunisia. Studies have indicated the importance of increasing the accessibility and quality of sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion, for LBQ+ people.

Encourage governments to develop a comprehensive national action plan to end forced and coerced marriage that explicitly includes an intersectional approach to the elimination of all forms of conversion practices through a broad consultative process. Ensure LBQ+ organizations and collectives supporting survivors of forced marriage and working to end the practice have access and receive funding aimed at ending forced and coerced marriage, including child marriage, and proactively seek out and aim to support these groups. Gender scholar Kathryn Bond Stockton similarly argued in 2008 that these and other popular conceptualizations of “growth” depend on a linear, normative understanding of what becoming an adult means, which is a path ill-fit or inaccessible for many LBQ+ people. While the specific expectations vary by context and culture, getting married seems universally present as one of the “objective life events” used to judge if a woman has entered adulthood. Documentation, visibility, and advocacy against the forced heterosexual marriages of LBQ+ people, explicitly, is scarce. A 2022 Human Rights Watch report on violence against LGBT people in Iraq documented six victims of forced marriage, three of whom were LBQ+.

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Unfortunately, bisexual men and women are often mislabeled as someone who’s going through a phase and that their sexual preference is only temporary. Because of this, the bisexual community often faces a slew of unique struggles in the dating world, especially when using an online dating platform. For instance, many bisexual and bi-curious individuals are negatively fetishized by potential partners. But, it’s time to stop the misconceptions and perpetuating these stereotypes. Bisexual people aren’t just subjected to the same hatred as other LGBTQ community representatives are.